These statements of Rakhi Sawant are so bad that they are good

You may be in no mood for controversies at all, but someone out there is eagerly waiting for your attention!  Online and offline, Rakhi Sawant's antics keep creating the most bizarre controversies. Sometimes she is throwing flying kisses as she practices yoga (what?), sometimes she is finding Snapchat filters for her booty, or she is looking for new ways to top the list of WTF statements.

You may love her or loathe her but you can't ignore her. In the past, Rakhi has blasted some controversial bombs that indeed got us talking (more like ROfl).

'I haven't even given birth to a rat yet'

Sunny Leone became a mother to two twins and the internet got congratulating them. Rakhi didn't know how Sunny embraced motherhood without pregnancy and of course was too busy to read about surrogacy. So, she took to Instagram to voice her very deep concern and said, 'maine abhi tak ek chuha bhi paida nahi kiya'

It’s a rats race Rakhi, keep up!

Ceiling fans are responsible for suicides

Whether or not she has something of value to say or not, she will say it nonetheless. Hence, when we were mourning the untimely death of actor Pratyusha Banerjee who hung herself, she turned Miss Sherlock Homles and found out that the ceiling fan was the real culprit. And there go her golden words. 'Whoever loves their daughter, I appeal to them to remove fans from their homes. Instead, keep a table fan or an AC'.

OR just some IQ will do!

Rakhi Sawant bahot jaldi porn star banne wali hai

So, Rakhi's unfondness for Sunny Leone is a known thing. The latter is making a name in the film industry, thanks to her own hard work. Hence, to top the fame game, Rakhi came up with this 'good news'. 'Suno, ek aur good news hai mere paas. Rakhi Sawant bahot jaldi porn star banne janne wali hai. I want to become a porn star'.


But I don't like my face, bro!

So, she apparently went through this drastic cosmetic surgery. And why apparently? It's visible on her face. When questioned, she came up with brilliant and intelligent answer. “Jo God nahi deta, woh doctor deta hai.”

Beat that, haters!

Baba Ramdev is love

Who doesn't want the dream man? Rakhi too does. Once, she fantasised about Rahul Gandhi. What? Okay. Now, her fascination has changed to our beloved Baba, but not her Baba. 'Earlier, Rahul Gandhi was my dream man but now I have changed my choice to Swamy Ramdev'.

Can't say who's better. Difficult choice.

Keep the gems coming Rakhi!

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