Throwback Thursday: 36 years since Amitabh Bachchan's rebirth after the Coolie accident

Amitabh Bachchan, in his own words, was 'reborn' on August 2, 1982. The megastar had suffered a near-fatal injury while filming his 1983 film Coolie. The actor was accidentally punched in the gut by co-star Puneet Issar while filming for a fight sequence on 26 July 1982. The actor was immediately rushed to the hospital. Thanks to the prayers of his millions of fans and his inner strength that he recovered. Today, 36 years later, Amitabh has thanked his fans via Twitter for sending in all the prayers when he was almost ion his deathbed. Here's what Amitabh tweeted:


Senior Bachchan further elaborated in his blog post, “There is enormous amounts of celebratory mention and wishes for the 2nd of August, the day when I recovered from my Coolie accident .. to live another day , through the prayers of the millions that saved my life through their devotion to the Almighty .. a most heavy debt that I shall happily bear, and ever be in a state of never being able to repay it …there is sufficient media coverage on those times and days .. for me then to elaborate would be boring and repetitious .. best then to avoid and be in gratitude and prayer ..”

Here are some things that you might not know about that accident:

The particular action sequence required Amitabh to fall on the table first and then on the floor after getting punched by Puneet. However, Bachchan mistimed his jump and landed abruptly on the table with the edge hitting his abdominal part causing heavy internal bleeding. Here's the video:

During the treatment, Amitabh was infected with Hepatitis B. Big B had revealed this in an interview many years back. He had said,

The entire country rallied around the actor's house. His fans walked barefoot to temples and pilgrimage sites and prayed for his well-being. Finally, on August 2, the megastar moved a muscle and resumed shooting for the film on January 7, 1983.

Director Manmohan Desai decided to change the climax of Coolie. In the original script, Amitabh’s character was supposed to die after being shot by Kader Khan’s character in the film. However, after the accident and seeing the emotions of Big B's fans, Desai re-wrote the climax of the film. Big B revealed back then that it was done because they feared that killing his character in the film might have a negative impact on the masses.

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