Trolls targeting Sonam Kapoor for wearing her Mangalsutra as wristlet aren't justified. Here's why

Being the fashionista that she is, Sonam Kapor cooked quite a storm as she posed as the prettiest bride ever! She wore a majestic red and golden lehenga designed by Anuradha Vakil. With lotus motifs all over the attire and a heavy dupatta that she double-draped, Sonam in fact complemented her wedding attire. But she was yet to add her own fashion twist to the occasion.

After her wedding was over, she wore her Mangalsutra as a wristlet and it suited her perfectly.

After her wedding was over, she wore her Mangalsutra as a wristlet and it suited her perfectly.


The fashion tribe that looks upto her as a goddess of all things classy, went gaga over this. But another section of internet was certainly not happy. Sonam was trolled for not abiding by the Indian culture. 

We all know how the internet loves picking molecules and making mountains out of them. But how justified are they?

As per the Hindu customs, a Mangalsutra is a sacred thread that is tied around the wife's neck by the husband when they take the wedding vows. In Sanskrit, 'Mangal' means auspicious and sutra means a thread or a cord.  Women traditionally wear it until the husband's death and it represents marital chastity and stands for two souls being united.

Mangalsutra, when originated, used to be a simple thread dyed by turmeric paste in which the pendant was attached. As wedding rituals, attires and jewelries have undergone considerable evolution, Mangalsutras are now also treated a piece of jewelry with touch of contemporary fashion.

And why do we at all target Sonam when she caused no disrespect to it whatsoever? The modern women choose what and how they want to wear, and that's how it should be. In her case, she decided to incorporate the Mangalsutra not around her neck but by around her wrist.

Big deal!



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