Varun Dhawan has another hit year, thanks for accepting Dan and Mauji

2018 is coming to an end. This is the time when you get a rush of memories, good and bad. You are grateful for everything that went well and you take away a lesson from everything that didn't work out. Given how an actor's life is about experiments and exploring new characters (sometimes drastically different than their real selves), this is even truer. Varun Dhawan, who has had a creatively fulfilling year, is in the mood to bring an end to it on a grateful note.

The actor took to Twitter to thank fans for all the love and tell us how special Sui Dhaga and October have been. "Mauji and Dan will always remain very close to me," he writes. Shoojit Sircar's  October was a gigantic switch from the usual genre Varun moves within. Dan, a rather mediocre guy, hopelessly in love with a woman who lies still on the hospital bed, moved everyone's heart. On the other hand, Sharat Katariya's Sui Dhaaga had him playing a tailor, fighting against all odds to make his fortune.


Both the audience and the critics were absolutely impressed with Varun's ability to get into the skins of these characters. Dan and Mauji were worthy of our love, totally. So are you, Varun.

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