Varun Dhawan's love for this baby elephant is melting our hearts

You mostly know, Varun Dhawan is absolutely fond of his pet. He owns an adorable Beagle whom he has named Angel. But not just that, he is consciously compassionate about animals and plants. Guilty that he never bothered to love other forms of life earlier, Varun once posted a long tweet.  "I feel bad because for 30 years I also haven't cared about the other life forms living along side me but I want to start today. For years the human race has mistreated and tested on animals. We have cut down acres of trees for our commercial gains. It's so important we respect and show care towards the animals and plants that live along side on earth," he wrote.

Hence, when we came across his Instagram story about a wounded, rescued, elephant, we couldn’t help but smile at his compassion.


This baby elephant was rescued from a well in Kenya, in a pretty bad shape. But love and care can do wonders!


Varun was so happy, he also shared a photo of the elephant which is doing wonderful now; and he calls her 'my girl'! How sweet is that?

On the work front, he is now doing Shashank Khaitan's 'Kalank', which also stars Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Alia Bhatt.


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