Vidya Balan: Choosy with scripts, but riding high with the brand machine

Vidya Balan has been astounding us with her kickass performances, for over a decade now. Be it her debut Parineeta or her latest Tumhari Sulu, she sinks into the character to give us something memorable, every single time. However, looks like we will not be seeing her soon on the big screen as Vidya is being quite choosy with her scripts.


Post Tumhari Sulu, reportedly the actress will be next be seen in the Indira Gandhi biopic based on Sagarika Ghose’s book Indira: India's Most Powerful Prime Minister. She has not signed any movie post that. However, does that mean Vidya is out of work? Nope. The actress has her plate full as she has been brought on board by at least a dozen brands. The brands wanted a socially responsible face that would appeal to young women, as well as housewives and Vidya, came as a natural choice.


There was a time when Vidya could single-handedly carry the movie on her shoulders and bag critical and commercial appreciation for the same. Not that she can’t do the same today too, but lack of good scripts is making her give a nod to very few movies.

Well, she is the queen of TV for now, with her quirks coming for a few minutes.

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