Viral Picture: Shahid Kapoor’s fans title him as the Indian THOR and we couldn’t agree more

Superheroes are love and when it is all about THOR, our heart simply melts. Call it a sad state that India does not have a superhero except Krrish. But hey looks like we have one in the making. Or maybe he could just be the Indian Thor. Confusing much? Calm down, we have got you sorted.

Shahid Kapoor seems to be the man who has caught the attention of Indian superhero lovers, courtesy his recent picture holding a hammer just like that of THOR. And we simply couldn’t agree more with his fans. It is a picture from his workout and look at the man! He can make any girl go week in her knees and with that hammer, Shahid has played his game so well. He is just so apt to a dashing superhero aka THOR. Though Chris Hemsworth has his own charm, but Shahid is no less, is he?

First take a look at his picture below.

His fans are so much in love with him that they have actually photoshopped Shahid’s face with that of Chris in the THOR outfit and posted it on Twitter.

The outcome is unbelievable isn’t it?

So if you are reading this Shahid, we demand that a superhero film should be next on your list. Please!!!

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