What's with Salman Khan's abrupt PDA for Race 3 co-star Jacqueline Fernandez?

Race 3 has been trending, not for the right reasons though! Those unrealistic stunts and cliché dialogues did not convince anyone, including the league of Salman Khan's fans. The trailer has triggered more memes than almost any Bollywood film's trailer in the recent past. So merciless were the trolls that Salman and co. actually had to respond to it via another spoof. And all this definitely calls for a diversion of the netizens' attention!

We just came across Salman Khan's tweet. He posted a photo of Jacqueline Fernandez in a red saree. It is a pretty picture, yes. Then the caption caught our eyes! "How chweet iz she lukin :)," it reads.


That definitely arrived as an unanticipated piece of PDA. In the past, he has batted for Jacqueline. Not long ago, Jackie fell prey to massive criticism after her version of the cult Ek Do Teen was widely disliked. Salman decided to shower some praise on her and said she did 'full justice' to the song.

But why this time? Especially when it is highly unlikely of Salman to display affection on social media? The image doesn’t even make a reference to any film that the two are featured in! We’ve never seen him doing this for any of his rumoured girlfriends!

Just an attempt to change the course of 'Race 3' discussions, may be?

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