Wicked Whispers: This feminist star wife has political ambitions 

This star and his extremely vocal wife who is known to read his scripts and give the nod to them are known to be socially conscious and active campaigners of various causes. The star is also politically connected and has been making socially relevant movies for the last few years. Buzz is that it’s his wife who wanted him to shift from mindless comic and action entertainers to more substantial roles and movies for the multiplexes and not the single-screen audiences. We have heard that lady has been harbouring political aspirations for many years, especially, as her father was extremely well connected to politics. Both husband and wife have affiliations to different political parties.

The wife is very creative and ambitious and has dabbled in various ventures but, of late, has been egging her star husband to act in and produce movies which educate the audiences and now we know why. In fact, the wife herself has started producing some of these socially-relevant films along with her husband – some of which have proved to be super hits at the box office. It is said that she was the one who influenced her husband to act in such movies and prove his acting chops. The lady is a political aspirant who apparently wants to contest at the next elections and get herself a seat in the Lok Sabha. She is highly intelligent, strong-willed, has a mind and voice of her own, is financially independent and is known to be a strong advocate of feminine rights. In fact, her forthright views have often got her diplomatic and politically correct husband into trouble in more ways than one.

The husband cannot contest elections for various reasons of his own (apart from being one of the busiest actors in Bollywood today) so the star wife feels she should as she has always harboured political ambitions and her children are grown up now. The star is extremely supportive of his beautiful and talented wife and encourages her to follow her dreams, often listening to her advice and following in her footsteps. The couple had been gearing up to announce her political dreams when the #MeToo movement struck India – starting with Bollywood. The wife has vocally supported the movement when it broke out and her star husband followed suit. But both are in a fix and waiting for the movement to gradually fizzle out before they can make any announcements.

Guess who?

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