Zero: Shah Rukh Khan and Bauua Singh’s Twitter banter is a big win

Not just for romance, Shah Rukh Khan is also known for his wit and humour. The Baadshah of Bollywood is often lauded for his presence of mind while interacting with journalists as well as fans and he definitely knows how to entice you with his words. Further on, we must say he is the king of promotions too. His upcoming film Zero serves as the perfect example. The film is all set to hit the theaters on 21st December and SRK has already started with the promotions.


Well, for the initiated, Shah Rukh Khan’s character from his film Zero namely Bauua Singh, has made his debut on the micro-blogging site Twitter and amazed his fans. Mr Bauua has his verified Twitter account and is entertaining everyone with some quirky tweets.


Among the many tweets, the latest one is quite engaging as it makes you learn a lesson as well as tickles your funny bone. It so happened that Bauua Singh tweeted to Shah Rukh Khan that his mother feels SRK is a replica of him. He further emphasized that they may have a similar looking dimples, but SRK’s dressing sense is drab and dull.

As expected, Shah Rukh Khan was quick enough to reply where he also pulled Bauua’s leg at the end of the tweet by commenting on his boxers. *hehe*. Seems like we are soon going to get flooded with a lot of banter between Bauua and SRK. So it’s Shah Rukh Khan vs Shah Rukh Khan and we are having a ball of a time! Keep them coming guys!

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