Exclusive: Salman Khan has a threat to his life, files complaint

Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his relationship with the Indian judicial system has not always been a pleasant one. Everyone is well aware of the ongoing cases on Salman Khan. Be it the 1998 Black Buck case or the 2002 hit-and-run case, Salman has spent an ample amount of time juggling between courts and police stations. Recently, a journalist filed a complaint against the actor at the DN Nagar Police Station after Salman snatched his cellphone and returned it after deleting some pictures. The journo was recording the actor who had stepped out to cycle on the streets of Mumbai. In response, the actor has filed a complaint against the journalist citing a threat on his life.

According to a complaint filed by a journalist, Ashok Shyam Lal Pandey claims that when he saw Salman riding his cycle in Andheri around 4.30 pm, he and his cameraman began shooting him after seeking Khan's bodygaurd's permission. When Salman got to know about this, he asked them to stop it and, in no time, Salman's bodyguards verbally assaulted them. Seeing this, Salman turned his cycle towards them and sought an explanation. The media persons responded and Salman said that “It doesn't matter” and snatched their cellphone. The phone was later returned by Khan's security.

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in.com reached out to DCP Paramjit Singh Dahiya who confirmed the news of a complaint filed against 53-year-old Salman Khan. He so stated that the actor has filed a cross-complaint against the journalist in return. “No case has been filed. Some complaint has been received in the DN Nagar Police station. The journalist was following him (Salman), he was video recording him. There was some fracas which happened between these two fellows and both of them have given complaint against each other. No NC of FIR has been registered against each other. ”

In response, the actor filed a complaint against the journalist claiming that there was a threat to his life. But if there's a threat to Bhai's life, we'd like to know why exactly is he cycling around on open city streets? According to sources close to the actor, “Bhai has a threat on his life and he felt that the person he was involved with in the quarrel can be from the same group who had threatened him earlier. So to be on the safer side, we have approached the police.

We approached Salman Khan’s team and are yet to get a response from them. Stay tuned to in.com for more updates.

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