Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams opens up about her struggles with mental health

Game of Thrones season 8 is turning to be quite a disappointment for fans across the globe. Right from Arya Stark killing the Night King in a fraction of a second, the dark as hell episode three to the Mother of Dragons being a bit** and burning the Kings Landing, the hit show is no more a hit it seems. Amid the same, the second last episode of the fictional show saw Arya Stark almost dying, but hey then we wondered how she survived. That being said, recently in an interview, Maisie Williams (Arya Stark) has confessed that she is tired of pretending to be who everyone thinks she should be.

In a podcast - Happy Place, hosted by Fearne Cotton, Maisie has opened up about her struggles with mental health and spoke about how it was only last year that she started to have a clearer head. "Last year, in my own personal life, I just went through a lot of real revelations where I was like I'm not very happy doing this and pretending everything was fine. That wasn't a public thing. But after going through that, now I've sort of tried to be a lot more genuine. It just becomes a lot more relaxing after that I think," she said. "You just drop it all and that's when you can really have fun."


Not just this, Williams candidly spoke how she is in real life. She said, "I still lay in bed, like at 11 p.m., telling myself all the things I hate about myself. There's still a journey, I think. But at least dropping the act and just being who you truly are, that's definitely the first step. Not trying to be who you want me to be right now in this moment."

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