Gigi Hadid will remain in the limelight for the wrong reasons, predict the stars!

We saw this gorgeous Supergirl in Taylor Swift’s video of her song called Bad Blood. We’ve also seen this angel (Victoria and otherwise!) in several magazines, fashion shows, music awards and more. She makes our heart race every time we lay eyes on her. This beautiful girl turns 24 on April 23! Gigi Hadid has achieved a lot at a very young age.

She was scouted by IMG Models in the year 2013, and the very next year, she was listed in the Top 50 Models at Her charismatic, on fleek fashion sense along with her killer looks, have given her an ample number of opportunities to shine. She has already worked for savage fashion designers like Max Mara, Jean Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and many more, besides working for brands like Versace, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok and more! She also won the International Model of the Year in the year 2016 by the British Fashion Council. This birthday girl is living it up!


Astrological Predictions:

For Gigi Hadid, the further period wouldn’t be as smooth with respect to her career in modelling. She will, however, remain in the limelight at times for the wrong reasons though. The year ahead would need her to pay full attention to her performances, efforts and all other professional related activities in the field of modelling so that she can keep her fame and prestige intact. However, as the year progresses, her courage and sense of fighting with all the negativity may create a path which may turn out to be smooth and easy in the fashion industry. Her powerful resolution and ability to take instant decisions will help her control the influence of the negativity of the planets.


Jupiter’s benefit transit would provide her adequate hunch for facing the troubles and obstacles created in her life. The effect of the sub-period of Jupiter will give her an assertive mental and physical energy, and strength which may brighten her performance to achieve popularity and success in the modelling world. She may develop romantic relations with someone she may like and might as well date him because Jupiter would be much favourable for her in this direction. She may get irritated with some of her associates, and some silly mistakes can drag her down. Hence she will require to act with a calm and a cool mind this year.  She will also have to be attentive towards her health and avoid taking more exertion.

The transiting Jupiter would aspect the planets posited in the ascendant of her chart post November 5,2019 which, in turn, may give her more strength and inspiration to become the leading model of the USA in a new stage show. She would succeed in controlling her life from all the negativity and start afresh this year and lead a comfortable and prosperous life. She would also succeed in her endeavours for garnering the attention of the audience, photographers, and organizers in numerous fashion appearances. There will be much more improvement in her style, and her sense of fashion will be on point, in her modelling career post the above said period. This may give her a new image and position in the world of modelling.

There are possibilities that she may get sleek and attractive offers through the various project in modelling, Film or Television and Music Video before her next birthday, where she can prove her worth and her ability to give a piece of excellent performance. Also, she may be lucky enough to have a nomination and might as well win a prestigious award by her next birthday.

We hope our homegirl has a great birthday and continues to have a blessed journey ahead!

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