Hardik Pandya’s misogynistic attitude on Koffee With Karan 6 makes Karan Johar giggle and we’re shocked!

At the very beginning of Koffee With Karan 6, Karan Johar hosted Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan. The filmmaker as an influential industry representative said, “As an individual, I think that it is (#MeToo movement) the right thing to have happened to any industry, not just the film fraternity. I think so because there was a certain clean-up required, a certain shift in attitude required and I think the women who are speaking up are empowered.” And his guest Aamir confessed to being guilty of having worked in movies that promoted sexism and did not project women in the right light.

Mostly, Karan and Aamir were appreciated for bringing up this burning topic on a show that has a wider reach thanks to its massy content. Some rightly took offence when Karan credited Aamir Khan for kickstarting the #MeToo movement in India instead of the brave women who had spoken up irrespective of the consequences. The Thugs Of Hindostan actor made a rather misleading acceptance speech. But more or less, KJo scored well for this smart move on the show.

Yesterday, the Takht director took a complete U-turn from this discussion that he had started on the same couch. The host of KWK 6 not only indulged cricketers KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya but even giggled as the latter continued to make some rather loose statements. It was shocking to see Karan find humour in Pandya’s misogynistic attitude. Karan’s banter almost justified the ‘boys will be boys’ attitude that we’ve seen stand out in some of the most serious and heinous crimes against women.


Hardik Pandya made some rather cringe-worthy remarks like watching women’s bodies move rather know their names. The cricketer revealed how he announced about losing virginity to his parents. What we found creepy made Karan Johar laugh out loud. In fact, immediately after this confession of Hardik, KL Rahul declared Pandya’s family as the coolest. Karan’s line of questioning too was objectionable. The filmmaker felt it’s okay to take names of the actresses that Hardik Pandya is rumoured to have dated, while the ladies weren’t even present. The filmmaker almost made Pandya’s dating life look like a cricketing trophy.


It’s especially disappointing because we heard the very same host speak up in favour of a women’s movement and even called for a change in attitude and norms of the society towards women. Guess the Dharma Productions head-honcho realises that the #MeToo movement in India has died with no serious consequences. We don’t know if predators in the industry are any longer cautious, but our chat show hosts definitely are not.

At the end of the episode, Karan Johar told Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul that he will be cheering for them loud post their Koffee stint. Karan may, but we definitely will not – neither for Hardik nor for Karan.

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