2018 is definitely worth living

2017 is over and you are either on the first day of the new year or a very, very late reader of the things-to-look-forward-to-guide in 2018. Anyhow, the point to this write-up is not so much to inform you but to get you to this page (SEO is everything) so you can watch this video of all things cool to look forward to in the new year.


However, if you still intend to read on then let us tell you that while the television channels would have you believe otherwise, there is stuff that is being done which will make this year worth living in for another 365 days. So there’s a mission to the moon for the common man, electric trucks by Tesla, a royal wedding for prince ‘arry’ and another kid for Prince Williams. We don’t know how much Duchess Catherine is enjoying having to belt out kids every 12 months (there third, this) but Meghann Markle is definitely having a wonderful time. There’s also good news from the world of medicine. Some cheer for all those who are fighting cancer. Can look forward to a scalp cooling cap that will considerably reduce the chances of hair fall.


There’s good news for titanic fans as well. If you have managed the spread eagle (in this context we mean the arms) at every place possible really are rich and have managed the famous spread of arms almost everywhere, 2018 will let you explore the wreck for real. There’s more but we’d rather have you watch the video.

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