Anna Kournikova teaches her little girl to dance and it's rhythm divine

β€œShe gon' make you move to Miami

She moving like a gypsy (gypsy, gypsy)

Her body got me tipsy

I should take a step back, fall back

This girl got me feelin' risky…”

Enrique Iglesias made us all groove on this fantabulous song of his but this time, it is his wifey Anna Kournikova and their daughter Lucy who are making us move to their tunes. The ace tennis player recently uploaded a video on her Instagram account in which we can see her dancing on this song along with her little angel.

The video is damn cute and we simply can’t take our eyes off little Lucy who is enjoying herself to the core. Well, after all, why should boys have all the fun?

Looks like Anna is already giving her daughter some lessons on how to have some girl fun but with a condition. Anna does not want Lucy to inherit her dance moves and we wonder why. We find you really adorable in the video and you are moving like a pro Anna, so why not?

Anna and Enrique Iglesias have been dating each other since 2001 and it was in December 2017 that they became parents to twins, Lucy and Nicholas.

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