Aquaman's newest posters introduce the underwater seven!

It’s time to go underwater as seven new posters from James Wan’s Aquaman have surfaced and each one is so kick-ass that it will make you wonder about the possibilities of cinema? Seems like Warner Bros. wants the audiences to get familiar with the undersea characters via seven new portraits that give the clearest looks and trust us you’ll keep wanting for more. So let’s dive deep and understand the posters:


Cool things first and it’s Aquaman played by Jason Momoa. He is seen wearing a shiny golden costume, much better than his weird getup in Justice League. Up next we have his bud Mera, essayed by Amber Heard, who influences Aquaman, a.k.a. Arthur Curry, to finally gulp his destiny that he is the real king of war-torn Atlantis.

Then we have actor Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna, Aquaman's Atlantean mother. Her spiked tiara and hair look amazing in the poster.

Up next, it’s an agitated and screaming Patrick Wilson as Orm. We literally are loving the background here with those dangerous sharks.


We also get to see Black Manta, one of Aquaman's many enemies, whose getup yells creativity and magnificence to another level. Willem Dafoe plays Aquaman's Atlantean buddy Nuidis Vulko, who always has one eye on the throne. Last, but not the least, its King Nereus played by Dolph Lundgren who is clad in an armour and riding a sea dragon. Beast!

Aquaman hits the theatres on December 21. Stay tuned to for more updates on the same.

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