Ariana Grande’s new year resolution does not involve dating

For all you guys hoping to date Ariana Grande: Abort mission! Repeat, abort mission! AG ended 2018 being single and welcomed 2019 with a resolution. Ariana is single, no doubt, but she plans to be that way for the rest of this year. Or probably her whole life. Yikes! As fans stalk through Ariana’s social media profile and post messages like “omg stop lying we all know it’s me,” the singer has her romantic life straightened out. ‘It’s no one,’ she tweeted.

A fan had shared a graphic from an entertainment site which teased, ‘Who is Ariana dating NOW?!’ This prompted Ariana to respond to the thread, spilling the beans for her future. Ariana’s relationships had made it to the top headlines in many entertainment portals. The singer had a tumultuous 2018 when it came to relationships. The 25-year-old had broken up with Mac Miller, whom she had dated for about a year. However, a couple of months after their split, Miller died of a reported drug overdose on September 7, leaving Ariana shaken.

The same year, AG began dating actor and comedian Pete Davidson. The couple got together in May – right after Ariana broke up with Miller – and were even engaged. The couple, however, broke up in October and called off their engagement.


Suffice to say, that was a lot to handle in a short time. Grande probably wants to take a break after what happened and as such, is not taking lightly to rumours about her personal life.

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