Ashton Kutcher’s Tesla knocks down teen, here’s what happened next

Being a celebrity has its perks and Ashton Kutcher knows that all too well. The No Strings Attached actor recently got into a bit of an incident with a teenager in LA, California. Kutcher knocked Leo Meringhi over with his car when the former was on his way to pick up a family friend's kids from school. The razor scooter that he was riding was no match to Ashton's Tesla and Leo soon found himself on the ground. Thankfully Kutcher was just exiting a driveway and wasn't speeding. Reports say that he was quick to get out of the car and apologize.


The 19-year-old spoke to PEOPLE magazine about the whole incident. He said, “I was picking them up from school and I was riding a scooter when Ashton was pulling out of Sunset Bronson Studios. I was on the floor and when I got up he was getting out of his car. He was really nice about it and acted concerned. He asked me if I was okay and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Can I get a picture with you?'”

Leo agrees that it was his mistake and doesn’t want to take any legal action against the actor. He said, “I don’t intend to go after him [legally]. I feel like it was kind of my fault because I was on a scooter and it was hard to see me. I just feel like that would be trashy.”

“I immediately called my sister and my mom. Luckily I took a photo with him otherwise they wouldn’t have believed me!,” Leo added.

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