Avengers Endgame: The Russo Brothers share the very last picture of Stan Lee on set

In a shocking turn of events, Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel Universe, breathed his last on November 12, 2018, in Los Angeles after being rushed to a hospital. Stan Lee died at the age of 95, he had reportedly suffered from pneumonia earlier this year along with other medical issues. His sudden demise brewed a storm across the globe. However, the fact Lee had the last cameo in Avengers: Endgame, kept fans waiting to see his final glimpse on the big screen. Now, it has almost been two weeks since Avengers: Endgame hit the theatres and we saw Stan Lee’s blink and miss yet a very special appearance in the film, which was one its highlights.

On Monday, The Russo Brothers officially celebrated the ‘ban lift on spoilers’ by sharing the most special picture from the backstage. In the picture, we could see the late Stan Lee on set, filming his final Marvel Cinematic Universe movie cameo. Apart from Stan Lee, we also had the production team in the frame. “Just because the spoiler ban is lifting, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat your fellow humans with respect and dignity during the discourse. Or that you should run around intentionally trying to spoil the movie for people who haven’t seen it. Be courteous and give folks fair warning... #BeKindOutThere #NuffSaid," read the caption.

Check out The Russo Brothers' post here:


Earlier, while opening up on Stan Lee’s final cameo in Avengers: Endgame, The Russo Brothers said to RadioTimes.com, “I think it is a suitable endpoint. Obviously, it was exceedingly sad that this cameo was his final appearance, but I do think what was shot was very fitting. This movie is intended to be the conclusion of this initial 22-movie run that has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a small miracle that he made it all the way to this moment for a cameo. I can’t believe that this will be his final movie.”

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