Captain Marvel movie review: The Brie Larson starrer is 'disorienting' and has a 'disappointing introduction'

Captain Marvel is one of the most celebrated superheroes of the Marvel universe. The much-anticipated flick, with the first women-led superhero from the MCU, has a lot to live up to the expectations. The film showcases Brie Larson as a fierce and effortlessly cool space warrior trying to discover who she really is amid an inter-galactic war. While the film will release on March 8 in India, the international media has already shared its review. Going by the top reviews, we have learned that Carol Danvers gets an ‘average introduction’ in the flick.

IndieWire states that the film has a ‘massively disappointing introduction’ to Danvers and has added that the prequel can be marked among the most disappointing Marvel movies. It further compared it with ‘the revolutionary Black Panther’ and called Captain Marvel a 'frustrating disappointment'. AP suggests the same and elaborates that the film makes it difficult to understand what the titular character’s personality is. The superhero flick is also said to be disorienting and confusing as per the report. Furthermore, as per The Hollywood Reporter, “The characters are not dramatically introduced with any sense of interest or intrigue, the writing, dialogue and direction are pedestrian, and the visuals are sometimes, albeit not always, muddy.” The Larson starrer is also marked as a film specifically pitched towards millennials besides being ‘antiquated’ and ‘downright tacky’. It is also said to be hardly worthy to make fans nostalgic.


On the other hand, Larson appears to be impressive as a Marvel superhero but lacks in humour and spark to combat the evil, as per several reports.

The film, helmed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, is made at a budget of Rs 15.2 crore.

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