Drew Barrymore may have an emotionally stressed year ahead, predict the stars

Drew Barrymore made her debut when she was just 11 months old in a dog food commercial! She belongs to the Barrymore family who have been in the industry for generations. She is an actor, producer, director, author, model, and an entrepreneur. She will be celebrating her birthday on the 22nd of February! She has been a part of critically acclaimed movies in her career like E-T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Poison Ivy, Scream, Charlie’s Angels, Donnie Darko, Big Miracle, etc. She won her Golden Globe Award for the movie Grey Gardens in the year 2009 and also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004.

Furthermore, she was also named the Ambassador against hunger for the United Nations World Food Programme in the year 2007, for which, she had also donated about 1 million dollars for the cause. Also, according to the Hollywood Reporter’s annual Star Salary, she was on the 8th position in terms of the amount of salary an actress takes for a movie, which in her case was about a crazy 10-12 million dollars per film in the year 2006! Damn!



Astrological Observations:


As per her birth chart, in 2019, though she may not be very active as far as her film career is concerned, she is currently passing through her Mercury main period and the sub-period of Saturn. Though she has a good Mercury and it is connected with her 5th house of fame and glamour, her transiting Saturn, expecting her 5th and 10th house will keep her away from her professional life. She may keep a low profile throughout 2019. There may be personal and emotional issues which will bother her.  She could also be facing some stressful situations at home. She could be facing financial challenges at the moment, which could be taking a toll on her as well.

Drew Barrymore is a controversy’s child. She has been through a lot. Right from being a rebellious teen, a stint in the rehab, posing nude and being in messed up relationships to getting divorced, she has seen it all! Given the planetary positions, she may have a tough time coping with some of the emotional turmoil and chances are that she may go back to her old ways. However, she will try and cope with the situation to the best of her ability! Go, girl!

For Drew, the last few years have been difficult in terms of her personal life. In 2016, she got divorced. Astrologically speaking, she has entered her Saturn sub period. This phase is going to be super challenging for her.   By the end of the year, as Saturn changes the house in its transit, she will be more settled emotionally. Our amazing Angel will finally be ready to explore a new relationship or even get married for that matter. Phew!

Her health may be a cause of concern due to mental stress and over thinking. She may not slip into depression as her Jupiter aspect on the ascendant is considered favorable. By the end of the year, she will gather herself and will get back into a more active life. No major health issues are indicated.

Ganesha wishes her all the luck for the future.


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