Eminem teams up with a clothing store for a one day sale

Rapper Eminem collaborated with a New York-based clothing store called Rag & Bone for a capsule collection, meant for sale just for one day. According to reports, the collection will be featuring three different t-shirt designs called The Kamikaze, Success, and Graffiti. A limited edition Icon hoodie will also be on offer. All the t-shirts will be inspired from Eminem’s career and his music.

The Icon Hoodie will be available in three colours and is made and manufactured in America, per a report on Billboard. The colours will have a limited run and each and every piece will be numbered. As for the t-shirts, Rag & Bone worked with Eminem to design them and just like the hoodie, they’ll also be made and manufactured in America.

The first capsules will go on sale on July 13 at The Sun & 13 Cantons in London. Customers will be able to grab the merchandise from 12 pm to 4 pm. Meanwhile, Eminem already has a sold out concert at the Twickenham Stadium on July 14 and 15, according to reports.

For the unlucky ones who cannot come over for the one day sale in London, Rag & Bone plans to release a limited number of the collection on rag-bone.com from July 14.

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