Game of Thrones: Fans lose their minds over Season 8 episode durations


Fans of Game of Thrones know the concept of patience. They deserve to be rewarded for waiting an entire year before the release of the final season of the epic fantasy tale. Now after their long wait, fans are being treated to a not-so-epic development. So far, we had heard rumours about the season 8 having episodes over 60 minutes long, but now it turns out that we have all been deceived.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that the first two episodes will not even go past the 60-minute mark. The first episode tops out at 54 minutes, while the second one falls short of an hour by two minutes. The titles of the episodes are not yet revealed. While the episode timings are pretty standard for Game of Thrones, fans are far from impressed. If the reduction of the episode count wasn’t a bummer, the shorter lengths for the first two episodes certainly made some people lose their minds.

Fortunately, from episode three onwards, the durations become longer and maxes out at 80 minutes in the last two episodes. Twitter is abuzz with fans venting out their frustration over the shorter episodes with some suggestions to add the deleted scenes, simply because they want more!

We get it, you’re mad. Enough to have a Red Wedding-style massacre at whichever boardroom meeting they decided to cut down the runtimes. But there is good news. According to reports, the seventh episode will be directed by Emmy winner Miguel Sapochnik – the same guy who directed the Battle of the Bastards episode. Word has it, that episode seven will feature the much-awaited battle at Winterfell against the invading White Walkers.

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