Game of Thrones: Rhaegal's death triggers a massive heartbreak on Twitter

Game of Thrones is not without its share of shocking deaths and in Season 8, the death toll is slowly but surely rising. We’re not talking about the extras here. We’re interested in the main characters. Of course, this article has a major spoiler. Daenerys Targaryen and her fleet, consisting of the Unsullied and a few advisors head toward King’s Landing to confront Cersei Lannister. As usual, she also has her dragons in tow. The huge beasts are injured in the battle against the White Walkers but seem to fly about without issues. However, the trip proves to be fatal for Rhaegal, one of Daenerys’ dragons.

Following the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys is in no mood to rest, nor does she want her soldiers to catch a break. She fears that if she delays, her enemies will grow stronger. Ignoring Sansa’s warnings of the need to recuperate, the power-obsessed Dany heads out, unaware that Cersei has built a number of ballistae designed specifically for killing dragons. Known as the Scorpion in Game of Thrones lore, the weapon resembles a bow and fires massive arrows. You could think of it as a missile launcher from the medieval period. The contraption is fitted on to the Golden Company’s fleet and also on the ramparts of the Red Keep.


Just when Dany looks at her ‘son’ with pride, out of the blue, flew a bolt. Three quick shots from Euron Greyjoy knocked the life out of the flying lizard and sent him straight to Davy Jones’ locker. Good aim, Greyjoy! Rhaegal bled quite a bit before he crashed into the sea, never to rise again. It was shocking, no doubt, to see Rhaegal and the fleet ambushed. However, it was also oddly satisfying to see him die, since his death slightly levels things for Cersei in the upcoming war, and since Dany is losing her mind and needed to be shown her place.

Unfortunately, much of the internet doesn’t share our twisted opinion. People are tearing up, traumatised even, to see the dragon die. Here are a few reactions.

Rhaegal’s death felt pretty awesome. That said, Cersei and Euron probably deserve a brutal killing as well. Plus, there should be a special spot in hell for Jamie Lannister.

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