Ganesha predicts that Mary Poppins Returns will aim to impress, but it won’t be all rosy

We’re all Hollywood fans! Obviously, because it is the largest film industry in the world. And, we can clearly see the influence of the USA in films. Well, Hollywood frequently releases films which go beyond national boundaries and the restrictions of language and culture. Of all the vast varieties of films made in Hollywood, one of the most interesting themes till date remains "fantasy." This theme is not very common, sure, but a hell lot of movies in this category have made a deep mark in the minds of the audience. Mary Poppins Returns is the latest movie which belongs to this uber-cool category.


Mary Poppins Returns is a musical-fantasy film. We are already tingling. It is directed by Rob Marshall and written by David Magee, from a story by Magee, Marshall, and John DeLuca. Based on the super-awesome book series by P. L. Travers, this sequel to 1964's Mary Poppins stars Emily Blunt as the eponymous character, with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Colin Firth, and Meryl Streep in supporting roles. Can you hear us screaming?! Van Dyke is the only actor from the original to return, portraying the son of one of his original characters. Set in 1930 London, two decades after the events of the original film, it sees Poppins, the former nanny of Jane and Michael Banks, returning after a family tragedy.

The original movie was our guilty pleasure. Will the next part - Mary Poppins Returns - live up to the expectations of the audience? Will it cross national boundaries and the barriers of language? Read on to see what Ganesha has predicted:

Mary Poppins Returns Release Details

Date of Release: 14th December 2018

Release Time: 9:00 am

Place of Release: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The movie Mary Poppins Returns is being released in the Sagittarius ascendant.  As both the Sun and Saturn are placed in the ascendant, the film may exhibit an amazing combination of fantasy and reality.

This superb combination of fantasy with strong elements of reality can do wonders. The movie will show what it wants to without diluting on any count. Hey, we don't like compromises, right? In fact, this combination will draw audiences from far and wide. Since this is a sequel, there’s bound to be comparisons to the original one. And in this comparison, Mary Poppins won’t lose (yay!).


So what else makes this movie so attractive? The fact that it draws a little from history and is based on an awesome legend. In fact, the film will have such an interesting story that the audience will stay glued to their seats.

The rocking soundtrack, music, technicality, emotions and all the other aspects are gonna bring in some heavy cash. We can already hear the producers counting their money! It can be easily said that Mary Poppins Returns will definitely not discourage or disappoint the audience at large.


Life can’t be all rosy, even for a fantasy. The critics may find some drawbacks in the movie. But these points will not be very strong. The audience will love the film immensely. Those performing in this movie will display their fantabulous acting and other skills very well, which will add strength to the film.

During the movie, it may appear at some places that the film is losing its track but, fret not, you’ll soon see the original track in place. The audience will enjoy the movie. And, lastly, the film will move slowly, but steadily in the collection of revenues.

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