Grace and Frankie Season 5 trailer: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin latest series gets a RuPaul twist

The season 5 trailer of Grace and Frankie starring the comedy queens Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is back. Netflix just dropped the trailer of the latest season and well, it has got a new twist. The fourth part of the hit franchise ended on how Grace and Frankie were tricked by their children to leave their beach house and settle into an assisted living facility. But now, if we go by the latest sneak peek, we see that the oldies are back to take over their beach house.

Well, if Grace and Frankie thought that it'll be easy to come back and stay at their beach house, it ain't that smooth! As their old beach house is now sold to none other than the Drag Race icon RuPaul, the current occupant who does not look pleased looking at Grace and Frankie. Is this for real? Mama Ru is here and we can't keep calm!


It'll be really interesting to see how the two ladies take over their already sold home from the Drag Mama. Now being carefree and entering a phase where Grace and Frankie want to live their life with a new 'fuck it' mantra, seems like they'll surely have loads of fun.

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