Superwoman aka Lilly Singh is more than just your average YouTuber

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, is currently in India for the YouTube FanFest 2019. The Indo-Canadian star has been keeping her fans posted on the internet with regular updates from her tour of India. Lilly has been up and active in Mumbai, posing for pictures everywhere she goes. She most recently met Ranveer Singh at an awards show and was floored by his energy. Ranveer, with his typical charm, dragged her to the dance floor.

In an interview with Film Companion, Lilly confessed that it was the first time she met Ranveer, though they had been in contact for some time. “We’ve been text friends, we’ve been online friends, but we never met. It was the most unique meeting I’ve had with someone because I literally walked up to him and we exchanged zero words and we started dancing,” she gushed, adding that her dance with Ranveer was not for a few seconds, but lasted for a good five minutes.

Lilly returned to the YouTube Fan Fest stage in Mumbai after three years, with a performance where she included songs that made her famous in her nine-year-long career. Lilly sang the 300 T-Shirt Rap song – a number that addresses mental health and sexuality in the lyrics. During the performance, she was quoted as saying, “When I came here three years ago, there were not that many creators. And I am so happy to see all the wonderful creators coming out of India today. It makes me so happy to see you all winning, us winning — we are in this together.” Lilly’s performance also featured actors Amanda Cerny and Varun Dhawan.

Lilly is known for her live concerts where she adapts her Youtube content and often sings, dances and even performs comedy routines. Speaking to Film Companion, Lilly talked about her hopes to work in Bollywood someday. She made a ‘public service announcement’ and said ‘I think I would be great’ in a B-Town film.

When asked about being a role model to millions of people across the world, Superwoman said, “I had a talk with myself promising myself that would not do anything or act in a way that wasn’t authentic to me, just to be someone’s role model. I’m not going to pretend to be a certain way – the best example is swearing. I don’t swear in my videos and everyone assumes that it is because I want to get brand deals – I don’t swear in real life.”

Despite Lilly being a massive star, there is a lot about her that is not in popular knowledge. Here’s a look at a list of lesser-known facts about the Youtuber:

Lilly is the first brown, LGBTQ woman to host a late night show at NBC

Superwoman will be replacing Carson Daly on weeknights at 1:35 am. The show is titled A Little Late With Lilly Singh. She made the announcement on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

She recently came out as bisexual, on Twitter 

Lilly had taken a three-month break from posting digital content, citing that she wasn’t in ‘optimal happiness.’ Her announcement was well received by her fellow YouTubers.

Lilly was named by her elder sister Tina

Tina is also a Youtuber. As a child, Lilly used to be a tomboy. Her Punjabi culture is often mentioned in some of her videos.

Besides being a YouTuber, Lilly also holds a degree in Psychology

Lilly’s father wanted her to take up Law, but when she began making Youtube videos, she had his full support.

The story behind her screen name 'Superwoman'

Lilly received a ring from her parents as a child and it has the letter ‘S’ engraved on it. That’s how she gave herself the name Superwoman. Calling herself Superwoman, makes Lilly feel powerful.


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