House of Cards star Kevin Spacey to appear in court on sexual assault charge

Former House of Cards star Kevin Spacey is all set to appear in court at Nantucket on Monday. The actor will be in the courtroom answering questions on the accusations that he groped a young man in a bar back in 2016. The actor in his earlier appearances had said that he will stand by his statement and won't plead guilty to a charge of felony or offensive assault. The actor had earlier asked the court if it was ok with the court that his lawyers represented him in the court but the judge rejected his request.

Reportedly, the court appearance by the 59-year old actor comes in more than thirteen months after the former Boston TV anchor Heather Unruh accused him of sexually assaulting her son who was 18 then in a crowded bar at the Club Car, where he worked as a busboy. If proven guilty in the case, Spacey faces up to five years in prison.


In Spacey’s defence, his lawyer Alan Jackson has claimed that the teen didn't report the case immediately and reported it later. It’s the first criminal case against the Oscar-winning actor since the other allegations of sexual misconduct against the actor came to light post the #MeToo movement gained momentum.

Talking about the incident, the young boy who was working as a busboy for the summer at the restaurant had stayed back post his shift only to see Spacey as he was a fan. The boy, post meeting the actor, started drinking with Spacey. The youngster also revealed that Spacey then invited him to his place, along with some other friends. The young man declined the offer, suspecting the actor was trying to seduce him but stayed in the bar in the hopes of getting a picture with Spacey. It was then that Spacey began sexually molesting the young man.

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