Jason Momoa aka Aquaman photobombs a wedding shoot and the result is EPIC

For a couple, the wedding photoshoot is one of the most important things and to have a Hollywood star feature in it is like a dream come true. A Hawaiian couple’s wedding photoshoot was crashed by the Aquaman star Jason Momoa and that too in his onscreen avatar. The 39-year-old DC action star made sure that the couple's wedding photoshoot turns out to be the most memorable one with his crazy antics and the pictures are a hit on social media.

On Thursday when the bride Katie Meyers was busy posing with her husband after their beachside wedding ceremony in Hawaii, Momoa showed up in their pictures. He was talking a walk on the beach when he spotted the couple. The couple was first surprised to see the actor in front of them and they tried to remain calm. But their photographer couldn’t pass on this opportunity and requested the star to be a part of this photoshoot and he instantly agreed. The rest is history.


The pictures clicked by the wedding photographer have gone viral on the social media and the Aquaman star is getting a thumbs up from the netizens for his sporty nature and making the couple’s shoot a memorable one. He also clicked pictures with the family members of the couple who were more than happy to click with the Aquaman.


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