Jason Momoa starrer Aquaman rocks at the box office, becomes the biggest DC hit ever!

DC Comics' most recent release, Aquaman, is a record breaker! Helmed by James Wan and starring the sizzling Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, Aquaman has become a massive success throughout the world. It's surely a rejoicing moment for all DC fans as the movie has become the biggest hits for any DC superhero flick. Going by the figures reported by LadBible, Aquaman has collected almost USD 748.8 million in total at the ticket window globally and is still continuing to mint money. So basically, the flick is on a winning streak.

Aquaman released in India on December 4, 2018, just one week before it was out in America. The film minted loads of money at the box office in its first-weekend which stood at Rs 24 crore. Woah, that's huge. Looks Aquaman will sooner or later beat Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises which earned $1.09 billion back in 2012.


Trade analysts have also revealed that the success of Aquaman his due to the female audience, who is coming to the theatres to watch Game of Thrones' actor Jason Momoa. Meanwhile, in an interview, Jason expressed how getting into the character of Aquaman was the toughest task for him till date. "Aquaman is the hardest movie I' ve done in my life, physically, and I had two stunt doubles. Both of them got hurt, and so did I. The sheer amount of stunts and action in this was insane."

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