Joaquin Phoenix will star as the Joker, but what about Jared Leto?

Joaquin Phoenix was reported to be in talks to play the role of the Joker in an origin film and now, it is being reported that Warner Bros has given the green signal to the film. After the deal was finalized, the studio cleared the film to begin work from September and allotted a budget of $55 million. But hold up, wasn’t Jared Leto going to play the Joker?


Let’s clear things up a bit. The Joaquin Phoenix starring Joker will be a standalone film based on Batman’s deadliest enemy. Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover), the film is yet to be titled and will be released under a different DC label than the company’s flagship films.


Coming to Jared Leto, the actor will star in the sequel of Suicide Squad. Besides that, the Oscar-winner will and also work on a standalone film on the Joker which Variety reports will be separate from the one starring Phoenix.


Along with Phillips, Scott Silver will join the project as a co-writer. The film will look into what made the Joker the Clone Prince of Crime and a deadly villain. Variety reports that the events in the film will be based in the 80s and will have a more ‘gritty crime than comic-book movie.”

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