Justin Bieber on Bay-watch as he welcomes the newest bae in the family

Justin Bieber created shockwaves across the planet and broke millions of hearts when he recently announced his engagement to girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. Lo and behold, over a month has passed and there’s already another girl who has Justin wrapped around her little finger. We are talking about the newest bae of the Bieber family, Bay Bieber. Justin is totally smitten and his Instagram post is a testament. Apart from baby Bay, Justin has two other half-siblings, 10-year-old Jazmyn Bieber and 8-year-old Jaxon Bieber who are the kids of his father Jeremy Bieber and his ex-girlfriend Erin Wagner.

Justin's father Jeremy Bieber too shared a cute picture of the mommy and baby doing just fine. Jeremy Bieber got married to his girlfriend Chelsey in February this year. Interestingly, Justin's date for the ceremony was none other than ex-flame Selena Gomez.

Quite a rosy, pinky bae, isn't she, little Bay? Welcome to the world sweetheart. It's a topsy-turvy ride, but Mark My Words, your bro Justin will Never Let You Go.

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