Justin Bieber's next move is a No Brainer

Justin Bieber recently proposed to Hailey Baldwin and now the singer has only one thing in his mind: Getting married. For someone who has been in the world of showbiz since his teens, this comes as a big news as he will not be releasing any more music prior to his wedding.

While on an outing with Hailey, JB got papped on the streets of NYC. It was here that the paparazzi asked him what’s coming up following his recent release with DJ Khaled titled No Brainer. Justin didn’t have to think for an answer and he immediately said that marriage is the next item on his list.


According to reports, this is the first time that Justin referred Hailey as his fiancée on camera. Earlier it was reported that JB had popped the question to Baldwin at the Bahamas. Fan clubs came up with pictures of the huge ring on Baldwin’s fingers, which according to TMZ is worth $500,000.


Earlier Bieber had posted a video of his fiancée singing when she was 16. He promptly deleted it after Hailey asked him to. Later in the day, he and Baldwin were photographed taking a helicopter to meet her parents.

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