Kylie Jenner gets baby Stormi a mini Lamborghini as a Christmas gift and we are feeling J!

The youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner needs no introduction. She is an Instagram sensation and every day treats her fans with drool-worthy content. It’s Christmas Eve and how can Jenner not surprise her fans with something extravagant. Yup, the babe did it again but this time for her child Stormi. Well, it’s Stormi Webster’s first Christmas and if you thought it is going to be low key, think again. Kylie Jenner gifted her mini-me with an insane looking road demon and we are gasping for breath.

Kylie Jenner made all the rich mommas out there jealous by sharing an Instagram story which was all about her Christmas gift for Stormi. FYI, Kylie gifted a Louis-Vuitton-monogram-covered mini Lamborghini to her kid. Kylie put up a photo of the little car with the caption ‘like mother like daughter’ and we can't agree more. We also crawled the internet to look out the price for the same and mini-demon costs $460 (Rs 33k) on Amazon, but we are sure here that with the monogram addition the Lambo would have been more expensive for Kylie.



So all the people who are reading this if you think you've gifted your child the best gift in the world. Sorry, but the youngest billionaire takes the cake here. Waiting for Stormi driving the demon and mommy doing her duty of Instagramming it!

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