Lady Gaga's new musical tattoo leaves fans confused!

American singer Lady Gaga is a true pro when it comes to keeping her fans guessing. Following her winning streak at the recently held Grammy Awards, the star displayed her latest tattoo on Instagram. It consists of perfectly inked musical notes on a scale. Though her new tattoo has sent fans around the world into a frenzy, there are many others who are left wondering what the tattoo actually means. It’s interesting to note that a couple of fans are really digging deep to know the mysterious meaning behind her ink.

A few ardent fans of her believe that the notes spell G-A-G-A. Others pointed out that it could be B-C-B-C, supposedly a nod to her co-star Bradley Cooper or her manager Bobby Campbell. Some fans began to wonder if the tattoo had any hidden message for her next album while one user stated that the real reason will be known only after Lady Gaga explains it herself. And, that’s eagerly awaited!







Immediately after showing off her tattoo, some Instagrammers pointed out that the fifth line from the musical note was missing. The singer was quick to notice the same and delete her post later. She then posted another video showing the addition of a fifth line with the caption ‘musical crisis averted’. She also blamed ‘too many tequilas’ for the tattoo.

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