Mike Shinoda is ‘open’ to play with Linkin Park

Since the death of Linkin Park’s frontman, Chester Bennington, the future of the band was unclear. Mike Shinoda was busy this year, with his solos from his latest album, Post Traumatic. Now as we approach the one year mark since Bennington took his life, Shinoda confirmed in a recent interview that he is ‘open to the possibilities.’

According to reports, Shinoda believes that the time is right to talk about the future of Linkin Park. Speaking to United Rock Nations, he said: "I'm just taking it one step at a time and keeping my mind open to the possibilities, whether it's doing things under my name or working with other artistes or producing tracks for somebody else or if the guys are at a point where they wanna play Linkin Park shows."

As of now, Shinoda is putting his efforts on promoting his album and is eager to find out how it grows and develops. He said that he is still figuring out the best presentation for his gigs, as his shows are often held at various moments of the day, sometimes in indoor or outdoor settings, or even in small or large spaces.

In January, Shinoda had tweeted that he has ‘every intention on continuing with LP’, but iterated that the band had a lot of rebuilding to do and ‘it’ll take time.’

Speaking to Vulture in March, the Fort Minor star said he was still in touch with the other members of Linkin Park and that they often hang out. They play “a little bit of music, but there's also a lot of uncertainty there about what to do."

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