Mowgli trailer: This is the darkest and scariest version of Jungle Book

Andy Serkis’s adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book was recently retitled Mowgli and the makers have released the first trailer of the film. The short clip shows Mowgli, Shere Khan, Bagheera and some of the other characters that we’ve come to love over the years. Only a few years ago we had seen another film titled The Jungle Book, so you’d think that Mowgli would have a similar story. But this one is nothing like you’re expecting.

From the trailer, it seems like Mowgli will be similar, yet different in many ways. The Jungle Book was a fun film, which took you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions. You’d be scared when Mowgli faced with mortal danger from Kaa (the snake) and Shere Khan himself. But there are also fun moments when Baloo arrives. Andy Serkis’s Mowgli aims to be different. The trailer is action packed and is absolutely comedy-free. Mowgli trapped in a cage by humans and is shown as being aggressive. It’s devoid of the comic-tone we see in the 2016 Jungle Book.


Mowgli is described as an outcast and as such, his own kind treats him with disdain. The trailer then shifts to Mowgli with his real friends – the animals – because let’s face it, Mowgli is a man-cub, but he belongs in the jungle.


Mowgli features an ensemble cast in which Christian Bale voices Bagheera, Cate Blanchett voices Kaa, Benedict Cumberbatch voices Shere Khan while Frieda Pinto plays the role of Messua. Serkis will be voicing Baloo in Mowgli. Playing the role of CGI aided characters has become quite a habit for Serkis, who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings series and Caesar in the Planet of the Apes series. Mowgli will return to the big screen on October 19.

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