R Kelly pleads 'not guilty' in sexual assault charges, out on bail

It was on Monday when US singer R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to ten sexual abuse charges that he allegedly committed with four women, three out of whom were minors at that time. As an update to his appeal, a report in EFE news has confirmed that the singer was released from jail on Monday afternoon, after posting a bond of $100,000. The report further added that “R. Kelly was released from Chicago prison Monday afternoon, did not give any statement to the multitude of journalists waiting for him and jumped into a black vehicle.”

The singer was arrested on last Friday (February 22) and had spent his entire weekend in jail. Prosecutors of the alleged victims said that his sexual abuse purportedly spanned from 1998 to 2010. One of the accusers representative, Attorney Michael Avenatti, said that he had submitted a videotape to the Prosecutor’s office. The video was a testimony, which had Kelly’s alleged sexual encounter with one of the victims, who happened to be of 14 years old at that time. Michael Avenatti, in an interview to CNN, said that the new video evidence and witnesses prove that Kelly “deserves to be locked up for the rest of his life.” It leaves no question as to Mr Kelly’s guilt on the tape,” added Michael.


In the past, Kelly has been charged with multiple counts of child pornography, even then, he had pleaded not guilty during its hearing in 2008. The singer was later acquitted of all the charges due to lack of evidence.

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