Rapper 50 Cent buys 200 seats at a Ja Rule concert 'to keep them empty'

Rapper 50 Cent has taken his dispute with fellow rapper Ja Rule to a new level. Earlier this weekend, the rapper claimed to have bought 200 seats close to the stage at an upcoming Ja Rule concert for the sole purpose of leaving them empty. He also poked fun of Ja Rule’s low ticket price of $15 in the now-deleted Instagram post.

“People think I’m mean so go see this. $15 bucks. Wait what I do now lol,” he reportedly wrote in his caption. “I just bought 200 seats in the front row so they can be empty LOL,” he commented later.

That’s not all. The In Da Club rapper also put up a photoshopped picture of himself sitting in a sea of empty seats and has been using his Instagram to taunt Ja Rule for quite some time now.

Ja Rule, whose response was much-awaited, doesn’t seem to be troubled. He even put up a tweet to say he was happy he got on 50 Cent’s nerves.

The rift between the two goes back decades but kicked off again in January this year. 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, claimed that Ja Rule incorrectly accused him of stealing his jewellery. Ja Rule, however, said that the tension between the two started during a video shoot in their hometown of Queens, NYC.

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