Rihanna's stalker gets STALKED... by the cops!

Remember when back in May, a stalker broke into Rihanna's house to "have s*x with her" as he put it. The man, named Eduardo Leon, also revealed that he did not want to use "force" to do it, and waited for 12 hours at her place! He was nabbed shortly and as fate would have it, the tables have turned now. The stalker is getting STALKED! But it's the cops who are stalking him, so, not a very pleasing and welcome situation for him.


As per new updates, a new warrant warrants the cops to sneak into his Facebook profile, and it is something they are legally allowed to do, as part of his felony stalking case.

Looks like Mr Eduardo is in for some BIG trouble. Reportedly, he broke into Rihanna's old house some days back, believing the star still resided there. The cops are using all their stalking skills to find out more about his fixation.


For now, Eduardo's case is on hold until his mental health is declared fit. Only then would the judge consider it fit to put him on trial.

Phew, we are just glad that the man's plans did not materialise and that Rihanna is safe and sound.

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