Ruby Rose rushed to hospital but all is well!

Model, actress and TV presenter Ruby Rose was rushed to the hospital after suffering what an injury that sounds scary. On Wednesday the actress took to Instagram to share the sad news with her fans and explained that a silicone ear-plug is stuck and that she was at the scariest hospital ever. That isn't all. She also shared a picture of herself in an empty room with the caption , ‘I hope my organs went to wonderful people’. WHAT!

The Australian star did not stop there. She went on to share more images of her hospital experience on social media. She posted an image of a rather ghostly bathroom and a stretcher she may have used during her time at the hospital. Her last Instagram story was a video that shared her ordeal with the doctor. The lady can be heard screaming and crying. But finally, the silicone ear-plug was removed.




While these Instagram updates may have kept her fans updated, it could well have made them anxious about her condition. It was in August 2018, when Rose faced a lot of backlash on Twitter as she was signed as the first lesbian superhero in a standalone series about Batwoman.

She's brave and we know it!


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