Serial stalker gives Kendall Jenner a security scare

You’d think that the least a multimillion-dollar residence would have is top notch security. Wrong. Kendall Jenner’s residence was invaded by a stalker, who managed to slip past the guards of her gated community, reports TMZ. The accused, 37-year-old John Ford was arrested in September for trespassing in Kendall’s community residence. He was ordered by a judge to stay 1,000 feet away from the area, but he’s obviously too creepy and too obsessed to follow that order.

Kendall’s gated community is a place where numerous stars, such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Christina Aguilera and Slash, live. Reports say that Ford sneaked into the community by avoiding the front gate. He apparently scaled the entire mountainside behind the community and whisked his way in. Ford realised that the mountainside is the only region which did not have any security watching over.

When he was discovered, Ford was sitting in the backyard of Kendall’s pool. The guards informed the police and by the time they arrived, he had bolted. That was just last week. On October 16, he came in the same way, and this time settled around Kendall’s front porch. The cops were alerted and they managed to arrive just in time to nab the stalker.

TMZ mentioned that the dude is a Canadian and is being held at a 5150 psychiatric hold. The police department’s Threat Management Unit is overlooking the case and Kendall’s lawyer is getting a civil protective order ready.

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