Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer shows Han with Empire & his journey of becoming a legendary smuggler

A new trailer has been launched for Solo: A Star Wars Story and it tells us a lot more about the film. Directed by Ron Howard, Solo looks all set to take the box office by storm. The Star Wars trailers in recent years held back a lot of details, revealing them only in the film. But Solo takes a different turn. The trailer teases us with a lot of stuff and does its job of grabbing our attention and hoping for the big show.


The trailer begins with Han in his home planet of Corellia where an Imperial Star Destroyer is being designed. In an earlier teaser shown at the Super Bowl in the USA, Han was teased to have signed up for service to the Empire.



The film’s villain is touted to be Enfys Nest, a mysterious character who was always present in Solo’s marketing campaigns. Though it is not clear as to what Enfys does in the story apart from being the bad guy, the trailer shows an old-school style showdown between him and Han. What we do know is that Enfys leads the Cloud Riders.



One of the most awaited bits about the film is finding out how Han acquired the iconic Millennium Falcon, a ship that has featured in most of the films. We also get to see Chewbacca and Qi’ra in the trailer. Qi’ra was Han’s oldest friend, well before he came in touch with Luke or Leia.



Meanwhile, Tobias Beckett is shown as Han’s mentor in the life of crime. Beckett plans to take part in a job that is being set up by Dryden Vos. Though Han had enlisted for the Empire, things don’t work out as planned and he takes to crime in order to survive.



The trailer also shows numerous action sequences. Of course, if you, mix the galaxy’s most notorious smuggler, some bad guys and the evil reign of the Empire, you’re bound to come across conflicts. One of the most engaging ones is the shootout on a train.


The trailer also drops a huge reveal – Chewie’s wife Malla. It was known the Chewie has a family but this is the first time we get a glimpse of them.

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