Spice Girls 'deeply shocked and appalled' over reports of their tees made by women who were harassed and abused

The popular female band Spice Girls is the news for the wrong reasons. It all started when the pop girls decided to raise money for Comic Relief’s ‘Gender Justice’ campaign. Little did they know that their Tees highlighting the message of ‘gender equality’ was screaming nothing but irony? In an investigation report submitted by The Guardian, the T-shirts that were sold to raise money for Comic Relief’s campaign were made by women in a sweatshop in Bangladesh. The report further added that the women working on the tee are badly exploited at the workplace.

The female workers in their statement revealed that they were verbally abused and harassed during their workday that went on for a whopping 16 hours a day. They also mentioned that they were paid a mere 35 pence (45 cents) per hour. An employee at the factory producing the T-shirts said, “We don’t get paid enough and we work in inhuman conditions.” Another worker alleged that their managers used abusive language, calling them “daughters of prostitutes,” if the target was not completed on time.


This came as a shocker for the Spice Girls as they were unaware of this tragic incident. In their statement through a spokesperson, The Spice Girls revealed that they were “deeply shocked and appalled” and also apologised. They have further demanded a “full explanation” from the representative of the online retailer, who was commissioned to make the T-shirts. “The band intends to demand that Represent donate their profits from this initiative to localised campaigns in Bangladesh,” the statement added. The girl band has also said that they will fund an investigation into the factory over its treatment of women workers.

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