Stan Lee and the 'Marvel' called Chakra that he had planned for India

Stan Lee, the real Marvel of Marvel Universe, gave us some iconic superheroes. Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, The Wasp and the whole world of Avengers wouldn’t have come into being if there were no Stan Lee. And now with his death, Marvel has lost its only real-life superhero. But did you know that Stan gave India its very own superhero too?

Yes, remember Indian hero Chakra: The Invincible that aired on Cartoon Network? It was Stan Lee’s brainchild. For years, we longed for our very own superhero who was at par with those in the Universe of Marvel, and we got one, thanks to Stan.


It was in 2013 that Chakra came into being. “I am incredibly excited to be collaborating with my friends at Graphic India as we launch this great new, thrill-a-minute superhero saga named, Chakra: The Invincible, on Cartoon Network,” Stan was quoted saying then.

Wearing a blue body-suit with a symbol of the sun on his chest, Chakra was the superhero we were waiting for. For an audience who desperately waits to see the superheroes from the West doing some action on-screen, so much that those films are even dubbed in several languages, Chakra came in as a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, Stan couldn’t create the same platform for Chakra like he did for Iron-Man or Spider-Man.

Cut to 2017, reports of Stan collaborating with Indian director Vikramaditya Motwane for the next instalment of Chakra: The Invincible made it to the headlines. This new film had to see the older version of Chakra, in his late twenties, fighting evil. The work on the screenplay was underway, but now, with Stan Lee’s death, we wonder if we’ll ever see our Chakra again.

Stan, the universe of Marvel will never be the same without you.


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