Stormy Daniels suit: ‘My old lawyer was a puppet for Trump’

Porn star Stormy Daniels on Wednesday sued her former lawyer Keith Davidson, accusing him of being a puppet for US President Donald Trump and releasing text messages that showed a collusion between Davidson and Trump’s personal attorney. The lawsuit also claims that Trump was aware the two attorneys were communicating and coordinating for his benefit, without the knowledge to Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford.

The suit further accuses Davidson of breaking client confidentiality and tipping off Cohen that Clifford was about to switch to a new lawyer, Michael Avenatti, and announce in court papers that she'd had sex with Trump and signed a $130,000 agreement to keep quiet about it just before the 2016 election.


"Mr. Davidson abdicated his role as an advocate and fiduciary of his client Ms. Clifford and instead elected to be a puppet for Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump in order to advance their interests at the expense of Ms. Clifford," the suit quoted.


In the lawsuit, filed in Superior Court in Los Angeles, Daniels accuses Davidson of withholding information, including correspondence with Cohen, from her and Avenatti. Daniels is seeking punitive damages and attorney’s fees in the lawsuit, the third suit she has filed in the past three months related to the deal covering her alleged sexual relationship with Trump. Phew, this seems a legal mess for sure!

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