Want a job? Kim Kardashian can help you get one!

American TV star, entrepreneur and model, Kim Kardashian West’s retweet can do wonders for you or let’s just say that it can get you a job! Don’t believe us? Well, a Kim fan and Twitter user, Chris Sumlin who’s an aspiring writer, shared how his one social encounter with Kim Kardashian helped him bag not one but three job interviews. Whoa, unbelievable!



Chris added the line “Retweeted by Kim Kardashian West for impressive work in graduate school” to his already impressive resume and the rest is history.

As his tweet went viral, it came under the eye of Kim Kardashian, she quote retweeted his post and congratulated the lad on his accomplishment. Well, she also hoped that he cracks the interviews and ends up getting the job! How sweet of you, Kim! Your random stint just made a fan happy!


For Chris, it was a bonus and he instantly updated the same on his resume as he joked “I’m definitely gonna get hired now!”

Well, Kim has time and again been a part of various social causes and charities and hence we won’t be surprised if she herself hires Chris! So guys what are you waiting for? Contact Kim K, ASAP!

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