WATCH: Chris Hemsworth and wife are high on the Despacito fever

This one will make your day. He is a stellar actor, we know, but recently Chris Hemsworth showed us his salsa moves as he paired up with wife Elsa Pataky to dance on Despacito and we are left speechless. His moves are truly epic (read bad) here. And what's with that stern face Mr. Hemsworth?

Chris was celebrating wife Elsa's birthday and that's when he pulled her into a dance and the result is, the audience could not stop laughing. He joked that he was giving a dancing lesson to his wife for her birthday and added that she should have taken one too. We can't agree more.

Watch the video below:

Standing ovation for the effort though!

Well, this is not the first time Chris has made us laugh over his moves. Earlier, we saw Chris dancing on Miley Cyrus' Wrecking ball with his kids and a-little-too-enthusiastic pet dog, and we had a ball of a time.

From where do you get this swag, Chris?

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