Will Smith in Mumbai to promote his Netflix original Bright

When Will Smith flies into Mumbai looking to promote a film that will be released digitally, you know that there's something wonderful happening in India as far as digital entertainment goes.  His latest film, Bright, may not be hitting theaters the olden way but many of the stars from the film still turned up, thousands of miles away from home, to grace the red carpet at Mumbai's Phoenix Mills on Monday evening.


The fan interactions started as early as 5 pm but the Men In Black star made an appearance only a few hours later. Smith was in his elements when he met the fans outside the movie hall, eagerly waiting for a glimpse of one of their favourite Hollywood stars. Smith posed at 'will' for selfies even as the media queued up to ask a few questions.


Also present were stars like Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and director David Ayer.


The Netflix original, directed by David Ayer, took a cool $100 million to make where Smith plays Daryl Ward, a human cop from an alternate universe. A place where elves and orcs live side by side but not so much in harmony. The film talks about race issue with Elves on top, the humans somewhere in the middle and Orcs right at the bottom. A brave film to make considering the budget and the medium. Bright starts streaming on December 22 , 2017.


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